(Vanderbilt University Web Enabled Recovery)


Theft Recovery Software for Apple Computers


Version 1.9.2

Aug. 2, 2016


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VUWER (pronounced like “viewer”) is an application designed to remotely track your Mac laptop (or any other Apple computer) in the event that it is lost or stolen.  If you can determine the location of your missing laptop, and the name, address, or image of the person using it, and provide this information to the police, then you may have a chance of recovering your property.  VUWER is not foolproof, but it is reasonably secure, easy to implement, and costs nothing but a little time and effort to set up.




If your computer is stolen, and VUWER enables you to discover the identity and location of the thief, do not under ANY circumstances contact or confront him on your own!  Leave that task to the police.  Your only job should be to provide them with the information they will need to arrest the thief and recover your property.  Regardless of what happens, no computer is worth the risk of being assaulted (or worse) by a panicked or angry criminal.


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Download VUWER 1.7.7 (last supported PowerPC version)


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