VUWER Control Panel (VCP)


VUWER Control Panel (VCP) is a menu-driven application created by the VUWER Setup program as part of Installation Option 3 (using Dropbox).  It appears on the desktop of your computer once the installation process is complete, and allows you to:



The copy of VCP created during installation is specific to your own computer and your own Dropbox account, with the name of the application incorporating the name of the computer it was created on.  Your copy of VCP cannot be used to control VUWER on another computer.  VCP can be copied to an external USB flash drive or to another Mac computer in order to control VUWER on your computer without the need for additional peer-to-peer authentication.

It is recommended that you keep a copy of VCP in a safe place (i.e. separate from your computer) to prevent it from being found or used by unauthorized people.  Keep in mind that anyone who obtains your copy of VCP may be able to active VUWER and monitor your online activity without your knowledge.  VCP is a very handy tool for controlling VUWER, but it can be used against you if you are careless with it.

VCP is not required to operate VUWER.  You can always log into your Dropbox account and modify the vuwercontrol.txt string to manually activate and control VUWER.  However, VCP is a very handy tool that allows people with minimal computer training to use VUWER.  Multiple copies of VCP from different computers can all be kept by a single person, allowing one man or woman to maintain security over a large number of Mac computers at a company or school.

Note that VCP currently cannot download screenshots, FaceTime images, or geolocation files created by VUWER (although this capability is scheduled to be added in a future update).  To see these data files, you must log into the Dropbox account that you created for VUWER, and look inside the /App/VUWER folder.  You will need to remember the login credentials for your Dropbox account in case your own computer is ever lost or stolen, so that you can access the VUWER files from a different computer.