VUWER Setup and Installation


To update VUWER from an older version, to switch from one installation option to another, to change the settings for your current VUWER installation, or to uninstall VUWER from your computer, simply run the VUWER setup application again as described in the links below.  When updating, you do not need to create a new email account, web page, or remote computer account for VUWER if you have already created them for a previous installation.


The installation of VUWER is a four-part process:


      First, you must set up a means of controlling VUWER remotely, and receiving data transmitted by VUWER from your laptop.


      Second, you must install the VUWER software on your laptop and enable it to run on at least one user account.


      Third, you should set a firmware password on your computer to prevent a thief from erasing the internal drive and deleting VUWER.  (This step is optional, but highly recommended.)


      Finally, you should create a guest account for a thief to access, and protect your own account with a login password.  (This step is optional, but highly recommended.)


Start by selecting one of three installation options for VUWER remote control and data transfer:


(1)   Controlling VUWER using a Gmail account and a personal web page, with data sent to another email address that you specify (moderately easy to set up, but becoming more difficult to implement due to anti-spam measures used by email providers), or:


(2)   Controlling VUWER from a remote computer account, with secure copy (SCP) used to transfer data to that same account (recommended for experienced users only), or:


(3)   Controlling VUWER from a Dropbox account, with the Dropbox API used to transfer files to the account (recommended for most users).


Most people will probably want to select Option 3, since setting up a Dropbox account is quite easy, and Option 3 includes the VUWER Control Program.  Experienced computer users who can obtain and configure a remote computer account may prefer the improved privacy of Option 2.  Users who do not have access to Dropbox may prefer Option 1.


      Instructions for Installation Option 1 (Email)



      Instructions for Installation Option 2 (SCP)


(Experienced Users Only!)

      Instructions for Installation Option 3 (Dropbox)