VUWER uses three external software packages during installation, which are included with the VUWER disk image.  The first is wacaw, an open source utility for capturing images with the iSight camera.  The second package is Platypus, which is needed during the VUWER installation process to turn the main VUWER Applescript into an executable background application.  The third is sendEmail, a command line email utility.  (DonŐt worry, the installer applies them automatically, but I wanted to give credit where credit is due.)


Platypus is provided under the GNU General Public License by its author, Sveinbjorn Thordarson.  The wacaw package is provided under the GNU General Public License by Harald (hxr <at>  The sendEmail package is provided with the permission of its author, Brandon Zehm.  VUWER would not exist without the efforts and contributions of these people.


In addition, VUWER uses the website for IP address geolocation queries.  If your laptop is ever lost or stolen, and VUWER does assist you in recovering your property, I urge you to make a small donation, or at least send a message of thanks, to the above individuals and to IPInfoDB to support their efforts.